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And I think the sun will shine again And I feel I've cleared my mind All the past is left behind again that's true You've got to believe in yourself Or no one will believe in you I can't believe, they stop and And point their fingers, doubting me Their disbelief suppresses them But they're not blind they won't see I'm a believer ------------------- My lady, I do not promise you anything, but life is a mystery, we do not know what will happen. we are afraid to nowhere, and the unknown, which seems to be dark. but we do not lose ourselves, No, let us not lose, on the shadows!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Yule solstice winter 21 december 2014

Merry a  Blessed Yule


Wiccan Moonsong: Yule Blessings! :)))

Wiccan Moonsong: Yule Blessings! :))): **original graphic by:  Le-Regard-des-Elfes ** Winter Solstice/Yule Merry Meet :))))) Yule Blessings to you and yours! :)))) For man...

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Monologue Mana Dix talk about me

Monologue Mana Dix : Moi meme moitie,Happy Holidays,calendars 2015,Yue ...: Good morning dix fan! New updates here   Moi meme moitie   go see!! Dear fans the admins will go in the holiday, for the holiday ...

The Fun club dedicated at Mana Sama Moi dix mois

Thank you !! m(_._)m


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

silent winter

evening star
unveil the darkness behind i feel Abandoned.
forever through the never
A silent whisper echoes through my restless heart tonight.
you have stifled my pain
I will see the sun rise tomorrow.
I be far away  tonight, she remained silent.
Tonight,no can come and live your my fear.
i'm In a desire and your heart filled with fire.
Us live!
The  earth and light christmas , of the evening star
Now and forever, after filled with laughter.
The Suspicion haunts the my dreams.
An echo through my mind. our laughter,
This gaze  for me, in the night.
e io svanire nel buio and the cold winter.
Here we are far beyond the distant sky,
Seen all the world and how the story will be over.
Now we have found the light that guides us over.
Through the fallen rain, we travelled, far and wide.
And through the blackest darkness.
Stars above, shining, bright for us
Through the sun and winter rain will fall.
All our lives, were waiting for a sign.
and suddenly..
We're walking hand in hand, in dreams at endless time. as if time had stopped at that moment for us.
through eyes of mine.
we lived two parallel lives, without knowing and realize that we have pain hidden inside us.
the hate the fear and the pain,solitude.
There's a feeling held deep inside for me.
the lonely roads of yesterday
We close your eyes to see the light of brighter days
With the trail of broken hearts.
Once again we walk this lonely road
There are times that  through the rain and cold
We're lost in memories of what we left behind
Relive the dreams, the endless screams of pain.
Lives are filled with emptiness
The fear returned once again
Down your mind in the pain
When I see those tears you cry
When I hear those lies you lie.
But now, I see your creation now falling down on me
Is this that i'm?
Entries, lies, they will go?

My first blog on blogger. 


Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Good evening!
I came back an hour ago, and I started at home here to write and update the blog and to tell with the sound music, Heavy Metal.
never hurt after a busy day, such as mine and this day.
December 7, (last Sunday).
I was at the concert of 



the concert held towards the end of the year. year is over 2014 !
however, I will tell you a little bit of it.
beginning with tell you that ... 
me scream, and sweaty, like a fool, and as if, tomorrow for me, there was not.
The concert opens and as always one after another out, the scenography incredibly cool, with all members.
this time I was particularly anxious to see, this new member guitarist mdm Ryux.
My impression when Mana made the announcement of the new member support, after the disappearance of K. I had the feeling that everything was happening
too fast, it happened suddenly.
i are fan of mdm from their first debut and it seems only yesterday when I saw the first concert, and shortly after the arrival of even K.
but I trust in the Mana, I had no doubt that everything would was okay and would choose a good talent. ブーケ1is the good professional that Mana is in this.

Ryux when him entered I was excited. 
I know the weight that brings on himself, but mdm must go ahead. her looks so cool
Ryux like I can finally see, in person, seems actually Omega dripp, Ryo. with Chargeee where he is a drummer, even for ZIZ band solo project Kozi.

in the past, I have been to a few concerts of omega dripp, and often ziz and omega dripp they performed together.
however, when it came, I could finally see for yourself.
so I could not wait to hear his technique and his qualities in mdm.

So you open the concert and all, in a game different from the usual lights and scenery. dix and red blood and in full view of me as a brand of fire indelible.
start ringing and I usually i lose my head and are in confusion and this has happened again uhuuhu. and everything was so magical and with the play of light and I really enjoyed, the excitement, was great.
Then there were pauses where Mana tried to make drunk seth, on stage in front of everyone XD and we all laughed 
Mana, threw himself into the crowd more than once making us all crazy and risking to fall to the ground, and with men of the staff to take it back and try to bring him back, alive. にひひ

and as every year for the Dis inferno, Mana delighted us with a performance on the drums with a song, of Mötley Crüe-looks that kill. and the shirt, of the band as well. so cool!
and then, explosion of balloons coming down from above. euphoria in the crowd.
End all too quickly and get back home my feeling of euphoria is still strong within me was an exciting evening.
as only they can do, and remove from me the veil of sadness, that happens to me, before Christmas and from year end.
but then I can not help but stop me and think that this year has passed all too quickly, and for me it was a difficult year, between study and post operation, and I have to think more about my health in future, promise.

the 23 at the theater school, my performace like a actor, in which, we will Hamlet. I started from September to attend the theater club and every year at the end of year and end of the academic school year
give these shows of which I will be a guest for some time. same thing happens to us in the music but, mini concerts.
and 30 December I will be to play in the my band, formed in my school for the academic year is the first time that we try this new thing between us and I hope goes well.
usually I perform alone, but as the professor says, if you want to have a band you must also know collaborate with others. WTF !? Okay, let's do it! XD LOL
in short, I really tons of things to do, including rehearsals, rehearsals, to be there for the family, and I still have to memorize the dialogues and study for exams before 23.

I can not separate me in half for all but I'll do my best to make sure that everything is done in the best way.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

the sword In the valley of the damned

The sword

On a cold dark winter night hidden by the stormy light
A battle rages for the right for what will become
In the valley of the damned a warrior with sword in hand
Travels fast across the land for freedom he rides
And the sign from the master on high screams aloud and across hear the cry
For the kingdom of fire and ice and the power to be alive
Be strong ride on, carry on through the war
Come along carry on, living for ever more
On the wings of death by the hands of doom
By the darkest light from the darkest moon
Crossing silent seas over mountains high
For we stand as one tonight
On the black wind forever we ride on together
Destroying your evil with freedom our guide
When the master will storm us
He'll stand high before us
Our hearts filled with splendour
Our swords will shine over the light
In the valley of the damned
Days breaks with golden strand
Over pastures green it glows
To where night returns
In the shadows faces appear
Warriors wearing full metal gear
All join together one and all
Before the glorious light
Rise up, gather around
Come and hear what is said
Use your senses open your mind
Don't you ever forget
On the wings of life, by the hands of hope
By the brightest light from the brightest sun
Crossing silent seas over mountains high
To the valley of the damned
On the black wind forever we ride on together
Destroying your evil with freedom our guide
When the master will storm us
He'll stand high before us
Our hearts filled with splendour
Our swords will shine over the light
On the black wind forever we ride on together
Destroying your evil with freedom our guide
When the master will storm us
He'll stand high before us
Our hearts filled with splendour
Our swords will shine over the light
The black wind forever we ride on together
Destroying your evil with freedom our guide
When the master will storm us
He'll stand high before us
Our hearts filled with splendour
Our swords will shine over the light

The black..


Monday, October 13, 2014

My light of the moon & Deep Sanctuary

My light of the moon

Screaming against all, the silver moonlight protect she.
These days are only with in the lies .
I think that's only what i have in mind
But it's colors you that I need for light sun
moon for the shades of gray
everything was a lie to his words, when they told me things of love. 
i'm with a lonely heart in the dark..
Now darkness has come velvet to the roses 
The fire is reaching, now the end
And we long for a heavenly hart
I'm not fighting myself, will not follow
'Cause my choices are mine, it's my fate
And I'll never bow down from the sorrow
I'll face all that is coming my way
I know I want change, I have tried
feeling me so caged, hands tied
I can't find anything feeling so right,
it's blinding hope
The unknown will always be waiting
Blood red skies, I feel so cold
The truth can't bear This your sunlight.
Embracing the my world on the edge
All the memories in my mind
I want break these chains, 
Never look back, 
This blood in my veins run cold 
i will protect from hell 
in this life
yes! burns into my heart, the darkness that we fear all.
You were never free, and them never realized.
The love is a feeling that I never try , for someone. 
my heart ain't cold 'cause it burns.
In this my world now, no time for tears, to celebrate, for love,
no time..
always running, always. 
i need someone that take my hand and run, with me. 
who is not afraid of me, that not tell the fake 
that does not say that they are a danger, 
I'm only afraid of love, for the illusion.
i'm a lonely heart in the dark.

(is for a person very small.) ドキドキ


in response to the Earl and Mana on their Twitter...

Yesterday I was at the concert deep sanctuary I enjoyed a lot to see Those three characters together again. awww!!! 
like the old days of nostalgia

Mana was cute with the dress that led to last Halloween
and then Kozi and his band the ziz, I was very surprised by the energy transmitted in the audience. mdm always fantastic.
Now all that remains is to wait for the Dis inferno, December 7 at www in Shibuya to see what will happen.
I can not wait Yue loves you all never doubt and I enjoyed it a lot !!

Kozi-sama has taken the place of K for the songs of mdm. 
is a beautiful gesture. and harmony between Mana and Kozi never end both in work and in life by friendship.

bow of honor for both and also for Yu-ki ☆-( ^-゚)v


Yue 三日月

Saturday, September 13, 2014

In the next step!

This morning, I went to deliver the article, which I wrote for the school newspaper. 
The guys I have complimented for the my work, those who have worked with me on this project, knows that it is not easy for those who are not accustomed . 
but was asked if next time, I will still be available to write more interesting articles. 
So still i'm working with for them later. Tagliare
they have that noticed my blog apparently the "Premiere Nuit de la lune" it is quite also followed by non-registered users of ameba and they asked me if I wanted to add this blog in the article done.
An acquaintance of mine close to me and one of them, him informed, and had told him about me and my blog!
(i discovered the secret !!! and how did they know about me and that I like to write. 
I think also applies to the girls school mates, who have told me that they are so sweet. without even knowing me.) O_o The Boys they are spies! Shout
Now my question is! 
girls, sure? this blog? 
is not that i wrote great things sweet ahhahah 
but I'm glad: 3 and thank you all.
Also they, worked hard on this project with me, all the guys involved. Yeahh this is good work done togheter!! Love Love!
I'm happy because we had to work a lot, and came great! Buono!

Lately I was very busy with too many things, I was studying, and without thinking about the problems and closed in the home, without a social life, with friends. only to study. Night and day! 
from May until yesterday to face exams in the program. Shobon
So today .. i was out of the house with my friend to make purchases.I have in program, do not want to say where and when, but it is to accompany her, my friend out of the country for a period of two weeks .. 
specific: she even admitted to me today, that alone does not even know how to take a plane. Shout is not habituated to traveling alone. 
While... I'm a constant traveler. 
Also as far as my thoughts, my mind, my brain is always traveling !!! 
and there will be no problem for me to accompany the Lady.
I came out of the house and the surprising thing for her was when I said: 
oh look, the sun and hot autumn, on my hair black / blue
Love Love! 
she said I must get out more XD

at 17 o'clock I was in minato-ku from my father phoned me and I went to help, it was long overdue, and him wanted to see me. 
when coming from him in the place of work .. 
asked me if I had studied well, because he had tickets to the festival 

WOW METAL CONCERTS! and there's also my beloved she beautiful love, sharon to sing. we go together.
<3 <3 * w * Sharon 

what can I say?
sharon for me is emotion, his music, his voice, I have the chills when listening. 
and I think after so many mistakes, i now come to the conclusion that I have just for me, need a person who knows to emotion like she.

I was listening to this song Amaranthe - The Nexus one of the bands that will be at the festival!

And so I got my ticket today, from my beloved daddy.
My father and I share the same passion for music and for gothmetal,metal gothic,heavy metal.
And then there's the sanctuary deep at that period!

But now I'm preparing for the concert on Monday of moi dix mois.
and so full and happy scream, now in this moment.

Dix love!!!

this is a work done with my personal image and with makeup from all days by Caly. actually supposed to be, full with legs. but she only took this part to make the picture with my beloved crow. 
and I love the crows XD