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And I think the sun will shine again And I feel I've cleared my mind All the past is left behind again that's true You've got to believe in yourself Or no one will believe in you I can't believe, they stop and And point their fingers, doubting me Their disbelief suppresses them But they're not blind they won't see I'm a believer ------------------- My lady, I do not promise you anything, but life is a mystery, we do not know what will happen. we are afraid to nowhere, and the unknown, which seems to be dark. but we do not lose ourselves, No, let us not lose, on the shadows!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

In the next step!

This morning, I went to deliver the article, which I wrote for the school newspaper. 
The guys I have complimented for the my work, those who have worked with me on this project, knows that it is not easy for those who are not accustomed . 
but was asked if next time, I will still be available to write more interesting articles. 
So still i'm working with for them later. Tagliare
they have that noticed my blog apparently the "Premiere Nuit de la lune" it is quite also followed by non-registered users of ameba and they asked me if I wanted to add this blog in the article done.
An acquaintance of mine close to me and one of them, him informed, and had told him about me and my blog!
(i discovered the secret !!! and how did they know about me and that I like to write. 
I think also applies to the girls school mates, who have told me that they are so sweet. without even knowing me.) O_o The Boys they are spies! Shout
Now my question is! 
girls, sure? this blog? 
is not that i wrote great things sweet ahhahah 
but I'm glad: 3 and thank you all.
Also they, worked hard on this project with me, all the guys involved. Yeahh this is good work done togheter!! Love Love!
I'm happy because we had to work a lot, and came great! Buono!

Lately I was very busy with too many things, I was studying, and without thinking about the problems and closed in the home, without a social life, with friends. only to study. Night and day! 
from May until yesterday to face exams in the program. Shobon
So today .. i was out of the house with my friend to make purchases.I have in program, do not want to say where and when, but it is to accompany her, my friend out of the country for a period of two weeks .. 
specific: she even admitted to me today, that alone does not even know how to take a plane. Shout is not habituated to traveling alone. 
While... I'm a constant traveler. 
Also as far as my thoughts, my mind, my brain is always traveling !!! 
and there will be no problem for me to accompany the Lady.
I came out of the house and the surprising thing for her was when I said: 
oh look, the sun and hot autumn, on my hair black / blue
Love Love! 
she said I must get out more XD

at 17 o'clock I was in minato-ku from my father phoned me and I went to help, it was long overdue, and him wanted to see me. 
when coming from him in the place of work .. 
asked me if I had studied well, because he had tickets to the festival 

WOW METAL CONCERTS! and there's also my beloved she beautiful love, sharon to sing. we go together.
<3 <3 * w * Sharon 

what can I say?
sharon for me is emotion, his music, his voice, I have the chills when listening. 
and I think after so many mistakes, i now come to the conclusion that I have just for me, need a person who knows to emotion like she.

I was listening to this song Amaranthe - The Nexus one of the bands that will be at the festival!

And so I got my ticket today, from my beloved daddy.
My father and I share the same passion for music and for gothmetal,metal gothic,heavy metal.
And then there's the sanctuary deep at that period!

But now I'm preparing for the concert on Monday of moi dix mois.
and so full and happy scream, now in this moment.

Dix love!!!

this is a work done with my personal image and with makeup from all days by Caly. actually supposed to be, full with legs. but she only took this part to make the picture with my beloved crow. 
and I love the crows XD 


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