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And I think the sun will shine again And I feel I've cleared my mind All the past is left behind again that's true You've got to believe in yourself Or no one will believe in you I can't believe, they stop and And point their fingers, doubting me Their disbelief suppresses them But they're not blind they won't see I'm a believer ------------------- My lady, I do not promise you anything, but life is a mystery, we do not know what will happen. we are afraid to nowhere, and the unknown, which seems to be dark. but we do not lose ourselves, No, let us not lose, on the shadows!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Moments of nostalgia

studying for my thesis about music celtic. 
I flipped through a few bands and I found this. 

I like and I want to share with you on blog

the vacation in Kyoto has ended and I returned home to return to school tomorrow. 
in my period on vacation, I met after so many years, one of my old childhood through high school and then when she moved. this girl is always cute. 
i miss this moment together me and she!! 
two children grew up together and now are big.目

I am also preparing for the concert of Moi dix mois dedicated to K-kun. will be exciting and will I accomplish everything live with no regrets for K as Mana-san, want for him!! 叫び

hoping for more good times with the people I love. I wish you good night and 
Happy full moon!! 満月


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