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And I think the sun will shine again And I feel I've cleared my mind All the past is left behind again that's true You've got to believe in yourself Or no one will believe in you I can't believe, they stop and And point their fingers, doubting me Their disbelief suppresses them But they're not blind they won't see I'm a believer ------------------- My lady, I do not promise you anything, but life is a mystery, we do not know what will happen. we are afraid to nowhere, and the unknown, which seems to be dark. but we do not lose ourselves, No, let us not lose, on the shadows!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015



There are no wars wrongs
There are no impossible dreams each night.
I don't ask much.
There are  incurable, situations
There are uncontrollable thrills
i want you.
i'm tired,  i not care.
Yeah - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.
I drink a beer, and i greeting. 
This i like also when i'm tired.
Do you know what i mean?
Seem always no.
I don't ask much

Night falls. 
And arrive you ...
And not think about, it anymore.
The solitude, is no longer a my problem.

Today it's raining, and I would help you.
 But not know how.
And I am staring at the world outside, So grey and dark.
But i know that one day will speak.
The important thing is that you are with me.
But now I want a beer and the Rock!


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