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And I think the sun will shine again And I feel I've cleared my mind All the past is left behind again that's true You've got to believe in yourself Or no one will believe in you I can't believe, they stop and And point their fingers, doubting me Their disbelief suppresses them But they're not blind they won't see I'm a believer ------------------- My lady, I do not promise you anything, but life is a mystery, we do not know what will happen. we are afraid to nowhere, and the unknown, which seems to be dark. but we do not lose ourselves, No, let us not lose, on the shadows!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Chapter

We talk together of love, which you prefer.

why should I talk with you?

Curiosity, because, she was not  for you, and I noticed from the beginning.

is better so!

Now, i no know plus. Help me!

now, Tell me Why, I seem to search in the dark?

You said me  I have to stop trying.
because this is a  really torment?

It hurts, so much,  hear it from you.

You do not understand what you really want in this ..

But, I'm feeling so confused!

Have an idea of love fairytale, in my opinion.

What? Fairy tale?

just because i'm romantic and dreaming  for a love real ?
now i'm guilty?

But hey!
this is, a life, real, wake up guy!
you make me laugh too.
are you infant, cute,  too sweet like a child.
but not be sad is really sweet!

I'm no sad.
Yes, and you, hide this, it well
Do you not must  feel a weight of someone else.

But you know, I have been in love, once, although he later broke the my heart.

I That I was wondering all this time, from where provienisse, The sad look.

it happened to many.
but it does not happen like that, not suddenly, and I do not believe in love at first sight And These tales, that you think.
You know, I believe in attraction deep, between two individuals, and then with the weather changes, Becomes love and complicity.
what are, you're trying to tell me?
worries me.

is wrong to amounts Certain limits, 
Because they block the emotions.
you must let you go.

Why I do not want to deceive anyone.
or delude myself.

have you ever thought That maybe this is the way for you to love.
maybe That Is the only way for you to fall in love with someone?
sometimes happens from this.

love is risky, you have to feel ready to a possible, refusal if you want to get in the game.

If what you say is true,  when I look at you I lose my mind.
Because I feel a strong attraction for you, every time .

This according to what you say is a sign of something?

I thought that was not enough.
that there must be something more.

sure, but later. 
the limit, stops the feelings.

and if then, I fall in love with you?

you not understand, think about me, you want me, you desider me. 
here we are again together. 
I have only given time. 
with me this limit has be exceeded by a bit of time if  i'm not mistaken.

I still need you.
why not another?
because I like with you.
is just when you prefer to just one person, which start all.

then for you is the same.

However, not a single kiss you and me.



Saturday, March 14, 2015


I am so tired tonight. and sleep..
yesterday evening, walking up and down in my home I take a cold beer.
And the blonde that makes me think of she.
often happens to me I can not help thinking at she.
damn it!
the intense evenings together.
When she said: Hey!
want you a beer with me, in my home?
Hey, i love the beer!
and you are, blonde and cool, like she,
i'm yours, if you want tonight, darling!
keeping up with you.
And Burning, the my candle on the my desk, and our bodies, togheter.
it's true, you no know me, but know what I want.
But she laughs at me.
so evil for me!
is like a fall.
I've waited all this time, for this. and now?
but i want you this night. i desire you!
Why look for me again?
i not understand.
and if it is true, but I wonder, really i do you this effect?
and then, is happen, said me.
you must, be, mine!
yes, be, mine, tomorrow and today!
I'm not property for no one.
But Yea, I need you now, is true, is so ridiculous.
ok you were right!
Ok laugh at me now..
i hope you satisfied, of my tears.
shatter my heart
i'm so angry for this!!
why must be so?
i'm tired.
all this time lost with people and with hope for a love.
But, i no have the chills of a caress.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Crazy day !!!

Today with the my nice car. 
I went to visit a library.
I've heard so much about. 
Given my passion  to read and write, the book I'm writing. 
To drive my car i like so much. 
I Only make me 7 hour drive to get to a place like this awesome.
but it was worth it!
I spent hours in relaxation, for my research.
Only Those Who have a passion like mine can understand me, and not judge.
Seems crazy? 
Well Yeah!
Is awesome, as a single passion, can make long way.
And i want to follow this path.

Library Akita Prefecture
This is awesome
those who are like me should go for a visit, sooner or later.

Library Akita prefecture

I got home a few minutes ago.
I'm tired, but happy,  satisfied, for this day!!


Sunday, March 8, 2015

International Women's Day

To my woman, that now sleeping.and that I love
The Friends, women.
women and mothers wonderful.
women who fight every day for their freedom.
to women who never give up.
to women that without them we can not live.

Love and honor .
And no to violence

Wishes to all the women of the world!
and the mother goddess earth, woman


Thursday, March 5, 2015

The my first book

Good morning dear readers.
This Morning just got up, I woke up with a cold, so I drank a cup of hot water with lemon and honey. I need vitamins every day and I drink it every morning, to strengthen my immune system. as it was recommended.
But today, I have the cold, and I must to be very careful, not to get sick .
I was at the concert of Kiss at the Tokyo Dome on March 3, and I must say that screaming and jumping all night, I almost went off the voice. it was a beautiful evening and exciting. I love kiss band, and their music and was a long time, I was waiting to see you again, the live.
Now i must be in shape, for the concert of Moi dix Mois, Mana birthday.  I can't wait!!!!
Will be spectacular !!
Meanwhile, I'm trying to make a healthy diet, only vegetables and seasonal fruits and meat white.
Detoxifying, and much green tea to get in shape to the date.
And always, for my health and my stomach, 
Which rejects any junk food,  i'm sick every time.  > _ <

And finally!  
I wanted to say that i started writing "my first book". Yeah, Now is official!
Before I was very insecure, and so, I did not want to say anything about it.
Well because it is actually already a few months, that I started, but of course the university, the work, and my various commitments, I have slowed down in this.
and I had to put in stop, momentarily!
up these days with exams finished. and admitted to the third year.
This morning, and these days, i continued to write the my romance.
I have said many times that i love to write, and I like to write something of my own. but write something, a novel or a text of a song, not is a walk, requires patience, look inside yourself and dig into your emotions hours of sacrifice in combat with themselves and to look within ourselves 
create emotions. because yes; basically a writer is above all this: an artist!
And it is just like being a musician. 
That you can create from scratch, not just stories and dialogues, melodies, but also emotions and feelings!
who can bring to life the reader or listener, something that not even he could imagine,  try or know.
It would be wonderful for me to be able to write endlessly, words about words, melodies, non-stop, without fear of passing time, rain or shine.
Especially in a world like ours; agitated, confused, angry.
and it is nice to carve out every once in a small space to write, read on to play, or compose.

Yue  (O) 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015



There are no wars wrongs
There are no impossible dreams each night.
I don't ask much.
There are  incurable, situations
There are uncontrollable thrills
i want you.
i'm tired,  i not care.
Yeah - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.
I drink a beer, and i greeting. 
This i like also when i'm tired.
Do you know what i mean?
Seem always no.
I don't ask much

Night falls. 
And arrive you ...
And not think about, it anymore.
The solitude, is no longer a my problem.

Today it's raining, and I would help you.
 But not know how.
And I am staring at the world outside, So grey and dark.
But i know that one day will speak.
The important thing is that you are with me.
But now I want a beer and the Rock!