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And I think the sun will shine again And I feel I've cleared my mind All the past is left behind again that's true You've got to believe in yourself Or no one will believe in you I can't believe, they stop and And point their fingers, doubting me Their disbelief suppresses them But they're not blind they won't see I'm a believer ------------------- My lady, I do not promise you anything, but life is a mystery, we do not know what will happen. we are afraid to nowhere, and the unknown, which seems to be dark. but we do not lose ourselves, No, let us not lose, on the shadows!

Yue biography

My name is Yue or you can call me Yu.
The my name, I was told that it was dedicated to the moon.is extended in Yuèliàng: name origin China, even though I am Japanese.in my country moon is Tsuki.

I was born in Osaka, but now live in Tokyo, Japan.Since childhood, to courage alone.I live in the world of music from child, and it was the thing that distracted me from the real world, when I was lonely.I started playing the piano at 8 years and 9 the guitar and drums I attended music courses and participated in competitions.growing up, I became interested at writing and literature and with kept diaries.But this is also important for a musician. to know how to write, feel emotion.

After various difficulties and problems family

.but having the figure of a person, and always with me as a friend. I managed to get into university my favorite was the University of Music, but required more time, to gain access, for to the numerous requests, from that period.

so I enrolled in another university, where I studied languages and literature for 4 years.

And already with a degree, i which i could already be hired as a teacher, but i dislike. two years later, finally, with a letter to inform me,that my application at the University of Music, was accepted. 

And now i must to finish the second year.

Currently i speak different languages, including: my Japanese, languages Chinese, Italian, little spanish,French and English especially because  i love, the European languages and culture  with their story.

Now I attend  the university of music, because that's what I want to do really.I want to become a musician and music producer.music is my life and there is not a day that step without it.I love to write and express through writing, even in languages other than my own.I traveled a lot in the past I lived for a time in New York.and I explored various cities.I love traveling and the new experiences.

I open a blog to vent my desire to write.

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